Refugee Relief Committee

We have all witnessed the gut-wrenching images, read the unimaginable stories, and repeatedly heard the numbers. War, conflict, persecution, poverty and famine have created a dire refugee crisis, with over 60 million people forcibly displaced.  According to the UNHCR, that is nearly one in every 122 persons. Understanding this global crisis feels impossible, but making a meaningful difference has never been more imperative.

Women Physicians for Humanity has pledged to be a part of the solution and stand with organizations worldwide, to keep hope alive for those who have lost everything.  Since our group was founded in 2015, our members have gone on volunteer medical trips abroad, and in the U.S. they have collaborated with local organizations to help resettle families and help them gain access to needed resources.

Our mission is continued collective achievement for the greater good and we look forward to strengthening this network of compassionate female physicians.