WFP dropping food in South Sudan

#FightFamine with WP4H’s #LoveArmyforSouthSudan

Our newest humanitarian campaign kicked off this week with an ambitious plan to feed 1600 people in South Sudan for 30 days. The United Nations has declared that the famine facing South Sudan and other nearby countries is the greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945. Women Physicians for Humanity is banding together to fund an air drop of food for the famine victims. We have partnered with the World Food Program (WFP), a renowned international nonprofit that has been amongst the foremost groups fighting the famine on the ground in South Sudan.

WFP field staff continues to provide food by any means possible, including emergency air drops. Last year the WFP distributed 265,000 metric tons of food supplies by air and truck across South Sudan, the most since South Sudan gained independence in 2011.

Each airdrop costs $36,000. WP4H is asking for your help to raise money to commission one plane filled with food to provide relief to this region. Click here to visit the Women Physicians for Humanity campaign page for famine relief, and help us to send desperately needed food to those in need.

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